Why Hotels Need Search Engine Optimization?

If you’re in the hospitality industry, the chances are that you may not have realized the importance of your online footprint. It’s a common mistake most hoteliers make. An error that can lead them to fall for the trap of one size fits all marketing and Hotel SEO strategies. 

why local seo for hotels

The hospitality industry is very different from the other industries with equally different sets of regulations, customer base and unique problems governing them. You can judge the magnitude of their difference just by examining their operating hours. Hotels like Cape Town’s beach hotels are open 24/7, 365 days a year. A hyperactive customer base demands for them to be always on top of their game.

Keep the above in mind as we tell you that approximately 300 million people use Google daily to look up services and products. For quality content, Google is forever changing its search engine optimization algorithm, making it difficult for the companies to capture and retain the first-page position. The more SEO optimized your content is the more chances you have of making the top position.

The higher you rank on SERPs (search engine results page), the more people are looking at your online presence, and the more customers you attract. All these factors contribute to SEO being essential for hotels.