How Hotel SEO Works

Hotel SEO has been a significant movement in the hotel industry. It is essential if you want your hotel website to appear on top of search engine results when someone comes looking for information regarding hotels. To increase your hotel bookings, you have to have an SEO website. There are different ways to have an SEO optimized website. All it requires is extensive research and marketing skills.

It’s not easy achieving a hotel SEO website, especially with all the competition in the hotel industry. If you want to have a clearer picture of how hotel website optimization works, read further on and attain the right hotel SEO for your website.

What Is Hotel SEO All About

Inside of Hotel Optimization

SEO, short for search engine optimization, is a process that helps you get your website to the top of the engine search; in turn, it helps to derive more traffic towards your website. Whenever you search something on Google, it’s always the first few option you select; hence you want your hotel website to be that first option whenever someone searches anything regarding hotels.

There are a lot of steps you have to follow to achieve hotel SEO, and sometimes these steps can get complicated, especially if you don’t have the right resources or information about hotel SEO.

Mentioned below are different ways how SEO will help to bring your website to the top and derive more useful traffic towards it.

Page SEO

Page SEO is a category that falls under the type of SEO. This type of SEO focuses on your website content, and this affects both your website and the search engine. Mentioned below are the different features involved in page SEO.


You have to include the perfect content for your websites that’s qualitative, easy to understand, relevant, unique, and user-friendly. Google looks for these traits in a website.

The other things that come under this category are easy to read and clean URLs, optimized Meta description, internal links, and a descriptive title tag.

On-Site SEO

On-site SEO is a word used to describe your whole website. Using this strategy will help both users and search engines to understand the entire outlook of your website and will also prove its worth to them. Below are a few features that come under on-site SEO.


Keywords are the central feature ff achieving excellent hotel SEO. To get the right keywords for your website, you have to carry out an extensive hotel keyword research, looking for appropriate words that will derive traffic towards your website. Goggle has an eye on all on the keywords, and if your website is keyword enriched, you may have a chance of appearing on that search engine.

Final Words

SEO agencies suggest optimising your Hotel website fully. It is one of the smartest ways for people to look up to the hotel services you provide to them. All this because there are constant changes Google makes with its SEO algorithm. This is what has helped hotels in Cape Town, and it will help yours too.

5 SEO Tips for Your Hotel Website

SEO plays an important role when it comes to marketing any product and service. It becomes even trickier when you have to market business such as hotels, considering its head to head competition and high demand all over the world.

You cannot keep up with the competition unless you improve and optimize your hotel’s website. However, SEO is not an easy job, as it requires a lot of research and effort.

Hotel seo strategy

In this post, we will share some SEO tips for your hotel website. With the help of these tips, you cannot only improve the SEO for your hotel website, but you can also stand out in the marketing world. So, get down to it and follow these five fabulous tips listed below.

1. Keyword Search

Keywords are one of the crucial features for improving the SEO of any website. Without using keywords, your hotel website is good for nothing. You have to follow a precise process for incorporating the correct keywords, including intensive research of hotel keywords. Go to other hotel websites and see the main words they have used that have got them to the top of the search engine.

Your main aim is to get the highest ranking, so draft out a list of keywords related to hotels and use them on your website. Please make use of headings and subs, and include keywords in them. Overusing the keyword is a common mistake; always include the keyword in the first sentence of your paragraph.

2. Add Internal Links to Your Website

Internal links are an excellent way to navigate more traffic towards your website. Internal links take you from one page to another. The links make it easier for visitors to go directly to the page they want to explore, such as going to the Contact page directly from the Home page. People don’t want to make an effort digging into a website to find something; it’s easier when the option is right in front. Hence, you have to create a proper internal link structure.

3. Make Use of Google

How Google seo works

Make sure to include your website on different Google platforms, such as Google Plus, Google Places, and Google My Business. This improves your SEO ranking in the Google search results. It does not go without saying that better SEO ranking is beneficial to direct extra traffic towards your page.

4. Mobile-Friendly Website

In today’s digital age, it is vital to design a mobile-friendly website. People usually prefer searching for things on their smartphones; therefore, make sure that your website automatically adjusts to the screen of a phone and any other electronic device. Mobile-friendliness ensures that the size of the text and design automatically fits different monitors.

5. Add Blogs

Blogs are an excellent way to generate traffic towards your website and improve SEO. The more content you share, the more readers your website will attract, thereby improving traffic. There are certain things hotels visitors want to know and learn. Make sure that you engage and attract visitors by writing different blogs that you think will be useful for people who want to stay in a hotel or work in them.


You can quickly improve the SEO of your hotel website without having to spend millions of dollars on specialists. Building up SEO is not that difficult as it may seem, especially if you follow the tips mentioned above. Just remember to write for visitors and not search engines.

Why Hotels Need Search Engine Optimization?

If you’re in the hospitality industry, the chances are that you may not have realized the importance of your online footprint. It’s a common mistake most hoteliers make. An error that can lead them to fall for the trap of one size fits all marketing and Hotel SEO strategies. 

why local seo for hotels

The hospitality industry is very different from the other industries with equally different sets of regulations, customer base and unique problems governing them. You can judge the magnitude of their difference just by examining their operating hours. Hotels like Cape Town’s beach hotels are open 24/7, 365 days a year. A hyperactive customer base demands for them to be always on top of their game.

Keep the above in mind as we tell you that approximately 300 million people use Google daily to look up services and products. For quality content, Google is forever changing its search engine optimization algorithm, making it difficult for the companies to capture and retain the first-page position. The more SEO optimized your content is the more chances you have of making the top position.

The higher you rank on SERPs (search engine results page), the more people are looking at your online presence, and the more customers you attract. All these factors contribute to SEO being essential for hotels.